Wild West Bears Wiz In

From deep in the heart of the wilds of the rough and tumble Texas plains where country men were strong and the drinks even stronger, come our furry friends from Dallas, the Steeple's and their family of merry bruins known to young and old alike as the 'Wild West Bears.' For it is much love and care that papa bear Ari Steeples lavishes on his charges.

He is a third generation bear trainer and the bears he currently presents have all been raised from cubs of bears that worked with his clan in past years. Therefore, having raised these bears in the family, so to speak, he looks on them as his 'children' and treats them as such. He and his wife Lana use soft training methods, mixed with a large measure of respect and affection (not to mention industrial size amounts of jelly beans) to encourage his young bruins to precisely perform with perfection.

These bandana wearing charges go through their routine with true western wonder. Among other feats, the bears push stage coaches, walk on wagon wheels, and jump through fire. Although their tricks amaze and amuse the audience, the Steeples Bear's real mission is to inform and educate the capabilities of these mammoth brown mammals. Though lumbering and slow in appearance, they actually have much agility and often can run very fast, if need be and are very powerful. Because Ari's bears have been hand raised from cubs, the mutual respect from trainer to bear is very evident in every move they make.